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Volvo has a long history with construction equipment, manufacturing some of the best machinery that the market has to offer. However, with all of the forklift brands and manufacturers out there, you might be wondering if this is the right brand for your needs.

The last thing that you want to do is spend thousands of dollars on a machine that simply can't get the job done.

Luckily, we've done a lot of the hard research for you.

Come dive in with us as we explore the ins and outs of this top forklift manufacturer so that you can have more confidence when you buy.

The 2 Volvo Forklift Brands

As of today, Volvo has ownership over two of the biggest forklift brand names in the industry, manufacturing various machines and attachments. Let's dive in and check out what each of these brands has to offer.

Ingersoll Rand

The Ingersoll Rand brand first appeared back in 1924.

In the years that they were operating as an independent manufacturer, they became one of the global market leaders in material handling, as well as in energy and fluids. 

When the company introduced its very first line of hand winches back in the earlier parts of the 20th-century, it changed the industry forever.

It wasn't very long until the brand began developing a high-end line of telescopic handler forklift models, as well as straight forklift models.

Volvo CE purchased Ingersoll Rand back in 2006 before they eventually sold it to a company known as Skyjack. However, the deal eventually changed, as Linamar, Skyjack's parent company, said that they only had an interest in buying out the straight mast and telehandler forklift series from the company. It was then that Skyjack took total control of the terrain forklift series.

Ingersoll Rand produced a number of high-quality straight mast and telescopic handler forklift models during its time, some of the best of which include the Ingersoll Rand VR-1056/CD with a telescopic boom and the Ingersoll Rand RT708G, one of the best straight mast forklift models in the industry during the 90s.

Volvo CE now carries a wide range of Ingersoll Rand Telescopic Handlers and Straight Mast machinery from Ingersoll Rand. In total, the company has 10 models to choose from.

To learn more about the history of Ingersoll Rand and the best models in the lineup, head on over to our Ingersoll Rand Forklifts page.


Volvo CE also carries the XR Series UpRight Telescopic Handlers, which they acquired from the company back in 2001. UpRight was a brand known for providing durable and reliable machinery. During the time of manufacturing, the UpRight telescopic handlers were able to reach new heights like never before.

The finely tuned models of the XR lineup were like nothing the material handling industry had ever seen. Volvo CE currently carries several different models from UpRight XR, though most of them come with the same high-end features.

Those features include:

  • Three rear-view mirrors
  • ROPS & FOPS certified cab
  • Frame-mounted boom guides, perfect for carrying tools
  • Lockable onboard storage
  • 16-ply puncture-resistant tires with optional foam fill
  • Four-wheel and crab steering
  • Wet disc brakes

The unibody-welded and well-balanced frames on these pieces of machinery offer the smoothest rides you could ask for. Some of the features that we absolutely love include the automatically applied parking brake with its push-button release, ergonomic instrument dashboard, and single-joystick control, which makes it easy to control all of the various functions of the boom arm.

One of the great things about the forklift models from this particular lineup is that are tons of additional options for customization. Some of these customization options include the :

  • Fully enclosed cab
  • 10/10 degree frame leveling
  • Air intake heater grid
  • Oscillating rear axle

Who Makes Volvo CE Machinery?

Volvo CE, originally known as Munktells, is a subsidiary of the much larger Volvo group. The CE portion of the company is what designs a wide range of machines, including hydraulic excavators, motor graders, articulated haulers, asphalt compactors, backhoe loaders, pavers, and more.

The company has manufacturing plants all over the world in places like the United States, Scotland, Brazil, France, China, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Poland, South Korea, and India.

Where To Buy Volvo Forklift Parts

No matter what kind of part you need, you can find it through Volvo. The company offers some of the highest-quality used parts on the market, all of which have been rigorously tested for performance and uptime.

Beyond the massive part distributor here in the United States, the company also offers a wide variety of services, including maintenance and repairs. You can find out more about the types of services that they offer, as well as the locations where they offer those services, through the company website.

Final Thoughts - Should I Buy A Volvo Forklift?

When it comes to buying a forklift model, we highly recommend checking out the various models sold through Volvo. The company sits up there at the top of the list for best forklift manufacturers, a list that includes Komatsu, Nissan, Hyster-Yale, Caterpillar, and Bobcat.

If you're interested in learning more about the model lineup, make sure to head to the website and download one of the many brochures that the company offers.

Tim Postlethwaite

Tim Postlethwaite // Staff Writer