Tow Motor vs Forklift


Tow Motor vs Forklift Quick Answer: Tow Motors and Forklifts are the same things. 

Though they go by different names, they are both IC powered and electric industrial trucks made with the purpose of lifting or transporting heavy materials.

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The name "Tow Motor" comes from the Towmotor Corporation, which was founded back in 1919. The original Towmotor machine did not have forks on the front. Rather, it was an industrial tractor that was made to push and pull carts from one point in a warehouse to another.

It wasn't until 1933 that Towmotor unveiled the world's very first forklift. 

Forklift vs Tow Motor

The forklift came with large front forks, which allowed operators to lift and transport cargo. Nowadays, many people use these two terms interchangeably to describe the same piece of machinery.