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With years of experience under its belt, the Heli company manufactures some of the best material handling equipment on the market, though does the company’s forklift lineup have what it takes to suit your material handling needs?

This material handling company was founded back in 1958. Not long after, the brand introduced the subsidiary known as Heli Forklift, which acted as the forklift manufacturer. They have also established a corporation within the USA to provide consumers around the country with easy access to machinery, parts, maintenance, and support. 

The brand has now become one of the top forklift manufacturers in the world. The brand produces forklifts that are both efficient and low-cost, with ranges moving from 1,000-10,000 pounds. 

Whether you manage a factory, farm, port, brewery, or any other type of building, the brand's Forklifts work for a variety of material handling applications.

We want to take you through the ins-and-outs of the Anhui Heli Company LTD and the models that they offer so that you can make a decision for your job!

Internal Combustion Forklifts

H Series

The H Series is the leading forklift from Heli.

It is a pneumatic tire forklift that can handle between 4,000-7,000 lbs. 

This series uses a few high-quality driving features, such as the Drive axle, heavy-duty clutch packs for improved cooling, an industrial radiator with a copper core, and a choice between two high-quality, EPA-certified engines.  

The H Series also makes use of a mast and carriage optimized for visibility. In terms of lifting, the hydraulic system allows for large handling capacity and improved cooling. Add the innovative operator controls and full-function display and you have a modern lift for optimum use.

G Series

The G Series comes in two different models, including the standard G Series, which can lift anywhere from 2,000-3,500 lbs, as well as a diesel version that can lift from 2,000-7,000 lbs. The G Series uses a unique mast and carriage that features a damping system. This reduces the impact of vibration significantly. 

The steering column in the G Series is mounted to the chassis with added dampening mounts to further reduce vibrations during normal operation. 

If you’re looking for a lift to get a big job done, we recommend looking into the large G Series Diesel model, which has the ability to haul anywhere from 11,000-22,000 lbs, all while providing the same added comfort and visibility as the other G Series models.

Beyond the G Series, you have the recently updated G Series, which is the G2 Series LPG pneumatic tire forklift. This works for lift capacities ranging from 11,000-15,000 lbs and it great for mid-sized warehouse jobs.

CPYD Series

The CPYD Series hosts a few different models, including the CPYD20-32, which can lift anywhere between 4,000-6,500 lbs, the CPYD 40-50 Series, which can lift between 8,000-1,000 lbs, and the CPYD 20-35, which can lift anywhere from 4,000-7,000 lbs.

The CPYD20-32 is unique in that it is a cushion tire forklift, which makes it a great option for indoor spaces. The cushion connection provides excellent vibration resistance while the hydraulic system excels in terms of energy efficiency.

CPCD Series

If you need to bring in the big guns for a big job, the CPCD Series lifts might be right up your alley.

As of right now, the brand has two large forklifts in the CPCD lineup, including the CPCD120-135, which has the ability to lift anywhere from 26,500-30,000 lbs, and the CPCD160, which can lift up to a whopping 36,000 pounds! 

It is worth noting that both of these large forklift models use diesel.

Electric Trucks

Three Wheel G Series

The Three Wheel G Series from Heli is an AC Electric forklift that can haul anywhere from 2,000-4,000 lbs.

It comes with the same wide mast design to enhance the visibility of operators, as well as four carriage rollers with four adjustable side thrust rollers.

The Three Wheel G Series comes with dual AC drive motors that provide enhanced grade-ability and acceleration. The brushless, heavy-duty AC drive motors are paired with rugged ZF drive units and oil-cooled disc brakes for optimal operation.

This particular model is wonderful for narrow warehouse operation thanks to the thinner design and ergonomic internal features. 

G Series

A step up from the Three Wheel G series are the standard G Series lifts. The G Series 48V can lift between 4,000-6,500 lbs while the G Series 80V can lift between 6,000-7,000lbs. 

Both of the models come with top-notch safety features, energy-efficient lighting and controls, optimal carriage visibility, easy maintainability, and comfort features. The main difference, beyond the lift capacity, is the ride design. The 48V model utilizes cushion wheels while the 80V model utilizes traction wheels for better control.

CPD Series

Last in the electric line lies the CPD series.

This cushion-tired truck is made to haul between 4,000-6,500 pounds. 

It is equipped with many of the same features as the G Series AC forklift trucks, though it is also much narrower in design, making it great for smaller spaces and warehouses. 

Electric Pallet Trucks

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller that is great for low capacity jobs, we highly recommend looking at one of the electric pallet trucks. The brand has two different pallet trucks, including the CBD20, which can lift up to 4,500 lbs and runs off of 24V AC electric, and the CBD15-610, which is great for smaller jobs with a lift capacity of 3,000 lbs and runs off of DC electric.

If you’re only dealing with pallets in a small warehouse environment, we highly recommend one of these over a standard forklift. 

Anhui Heli Forklift Parts

At one point, you may need to get ahold of some aftermarket replacement parts for your Heli Forklift. They work closely with Complete Lift Services to provide customers around the world with parts for their Heli vehicles. 

These parts include rebuilt engines, transmissions, differentials, forks and fork extensions, side shifters, batteries, chargers, watering systems, watering guns, watering systems, and more.

CLS even provides customers with extra tires for both Cushion-tired forklifts and Pneumatic-tired forklifts. 

Cushion Tires are made out of smooth and solid rubber material that is fitted around a band made of metal. They are extremely easy to maintain and much cheaper in terms of the initial cost. They are best for indoor locations, docks, and any other environment with smooth surfaces. 

Pneumatic tires are very similar to those that you would expect to find on a car or truck. They provide far more grip than cushion tires, making them an excellent choice for rough terrain or uneven surfaces. There are two classes of pneumatic tires sold through CLS, including solid pneumatic tires, which utilize solid, puncture-proof rubber, and air pneumatic tires, which are filled with air.

Heli Forklift Dealers

You can find forklift dealers sprinkled throughout the western, southwestern, and southeastern regions of the United States. You can visit the dealer locator tool on their website to find a Heli forklift dealer in your part of the world.

Final Verdict - Should I Buy Heli Forklifts?

If you are on the hunt for top-notch forklift, Heli is a brand that you should definitely look into. They have a range of heavy-duty and eco-friendly material handling equipment that is both safe and easy to operate.

The lifts come with a variety of innovative features and work for a variety of project environments from factories to warehouses to stations to ports and beyond.

Tim Postlethwaite

Tim Postlethwaite // Staff Writer