Forklift Rental Memphis

There are so many different types of forklifts available, how do you know which one you should rent for your particular project? Which rental company in Memphis, Tn, can offer you the best advice?

There is no need to worry as there are loads of great forklift rental companies in Memphis, Tn. Your choice is far from limited and they can help you find the right forklift rental for your job at a good price.

Carry on reading to learn more about the three best forklift rental companies in the city of Memphis, Tennessee.

The 3 Best Forklift Rental Companies In Memphis

Thompson Machinery

Official dealers for Caterpillar, the local Tennessee company Thompson Machinery started their business back in the 1940s. With a branch in Memphis, Tn, they have a large forklift rental fleet, offering short and long -term rentals to fit your needs.

Their rental inventory includes a good range of different sizes and power of forklift so you should be able to find lift trucks for any job, be it on a construction site or in a warehouse.

They carry out all the maintenance of the rental equipment and their team of experienced professionals will help you find the most suitable forklift for your project.

Thompson Machinery really is a one-stop-shop when it comes to construction, industrial, and material handling equipment rental and sales. Other equipment for rent or sale include aerial work platforms, scissor lifts, boom lifts, compaction equipment, and concrete equipment.

This company also has a wide selection of used equipment for sale at a reasonable price and offers forklift operator safety training courses. They have a really helpful customer service team who are always willing to offer support if needed.

Delta Materials Handling Inc.

Another local company, in the material handling industry since the late 40s, their original branch is in Memphis, Tennessee.

They boast one of the largest forklift rental fleets as well as selling used and new forklifts. They stock a wide variety of forklift brands including Clarke, Mitsubishi, and Linde.

This company offers an emergency service for parts and repairs available 24 hours a day, as well as routine forklift service and maintenance.

They have a vast array of other equipment and rentals available including boom lifts, scissor lifts, and trucks.

Delta Materials Handling Inc has an extensive online catalog of warehouse storage, products, and design solution and runs forklift operator safety training courses. With great customer service, when it comes to material handling equipment rental in Memphis, Tn they are a great choice.

Crown Lift Trucks

Crown is one of the largest manufacturers of forklifts worldwide.

The city of Memphis is the location of one of its branches.

They have a very comprehensive inventory of material handling equipment including forklifts. 

They sell new and used forklifts and have forklift rentals available including diesel, propane, and electric forklifts.

In addition to forklift sales and rentals, Crown offers maintenance, parts, and service for forklifts. 

They have a vast array of other services from fleet management to warehouse solutions to financing as well as running forklift operator safety training courses.

With wonderful customer feedback, Crown really is an excellent choice if you are looking for a forklift rental in Memphis, Tn.

Factors To Consider When Renting

Length of the Rental Period

Long and short-term rentals are available from all rental companies. Standard rental periods are charged by the hour, day, week, or month. Some rental companies lease by the year and offer rent-to-buy programs.

Rental companies often have the option of purchasing any rental equipment if you decide you would like to keep it. If you are going to need to rent a forklift for a long project it is worth investigating if buying a used forklift would work out more cost-effective than renting one long-term. The rental company can often advise you on the best course of action.

Whatever the time period of your rental, make sure you carefully read the rental agreement. Note the small print and ensure you are aware of cancellation and late fees to avoid unexpected charges at checkout.

Forklift Type

It's essential that you choose the correct type of forklift for the job. The forklift model, capacity, and engine type required will differ significantly depending on the nature and location of the work.

For example, a diesel-powered forklift is suitable for outdoor work on rough terrain on a construction site as they have more power compared to an electric forklift. Electric lift trucks are a better choice for enclosed spaces like a warehouse since they don't have any emissions so there is no need to worry about adequate ventilation.

The rental business can offer support on which type of forklift is the most suitable for your needs. Pick a business with a decent-sized inventory to maximize the choices available. It is also worth taking a look at customer reviews to give you an idea of how good their customer interaction is.

Forklift Operator

Have you thought about who will be driving your forklift rental? For safety reasons, there are strict regulations from the OSHA when it comes to operating a forklift. All forklift operators have to complete training and certification to the required standards. When you go to complete the renal paperwork, make sure you take the necessary documentation with you to avoid any delays.

Some forklift rental companies can provide a trained and certified operator. This can be a good option particularly if you just need a forklift rental for a few hours or days. There is an additional charge for this and the price increases for high-capacity forklifts.

Additional Services

Most rental companies offer a delivery service. They will bring your forklift rental straight to your location and collect it when you are finished. Check if there is an additional charge for this service and that they deliver to your location in the city.

Most of these forklift rental businesses offer other material handling equipment rentals and also tool rental, for example, aerial equipment, scissor and boom lifts, compaction equipment. They also offer forklift accessories such as rough terrain tires and fork extensions. If you think you might need to rent a selection of items for your project then choose a company with a wide inventory and ask if they can offer you a special price for a rental bundle.

Other services often available include a fleet management service, warehouse, and industrial solution, and forklift operator training courses and certification.

The Final Verdict

If you are looking for a forklift rental or other types of material handling equipment rental in Memphis, Tennessee you will not be disappointed with the choices available in this city. Whatever your rental needs they are sure to be met by any of the excellent companies at this location.

Crown Lift Trucks, Delta Materials Handling Inc, and Thompson Machinery are all great Memphis equipment and forklift rental companies. Contact any of them today for a quote on a forklift rental.

For more information about rentals (prices, the big 5 companies, etc.), see our forklift rentals page. 

Tim Postlethwaite

Tim Postlethwaite // Staff Writer