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Daewood has been through some major ups and downs as a forklift company and has built some of the best pieces of equipment throughout history, though are they the right forklifts for your needs? 

Daewoo forklifts, though not in production anymore, can still be found all around the world through different warehouse equipment and material handling companies. Many Daewoo forklifts have serious longevity, which has allowed them to be passed down over the years.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find reliable information on the Daewoo brand and the vehicles that they offer online, which is why we are here to help. Let’s dig in and find out more about Daewoo forklifts and if they offer the right material handling equipment for your needs.

Let’s find out.

Who Is Daewoo?

Daewoo Motors was a South Korean automotive manufacturer that started back in 1983. Most of the company’s assets were sold to General Motors back in 2001 after the company ran into financial troubles. It was soon replaced by GM Korea.

The Doosan company, which is also well-known for supplying some of the best forklifts to consumers around the world, acquired the Daewoo Construction subsidiary, effectively taking control of production and rebranding the Daewoo vehicles with the Doosan name. 

Who is Daewoo

A fair amount of the machines that Doosan ended up manufacturing at the beginning were almost identical to Daewoo machines.

With that said, there are many companies around the United States and South Korea that sell refurbished Daewoo forklifts and provide Daewoo forklift services. Many of these material handling vehicles are still in excellent condition and can be purchased for nearly half the price of newer forklifts. 

Top Forklifts From Daewoo

Daewoo G25S

The Daewoo G25S was one of the most popular Daewoo forklifts during the company’s heyday. You can still find the Daewoo G25S through a number of online sellers. The forklift utilizes a 60-horsepower, four-cylinder, 3.0-liter engine that was manufactured by General Motors and runs with pressurized propane.

The forklift makes use of a 12” wheelbase and a two-week drive train. As for the speed, you’re looking at a top performance of about 12.4 miles per hour when it is fully loaded, though it can get up to about 13.5 miles per hour when it is not holding anything. It comes with a fully automatic gear shift mechanism that utilizes one forward gear and one reverse gear. 

As for the Daewoo G25S dimensions, it is a bit over 100 inches long and 46.1 inches wide. It is fairly compact with an 89.5-inch guard, which adds to its overall agility as well, making it perfect for tight spaces. 

The G25S has a maximum lift capacity of 5,000 lbs. and a maximum mast height of 173 inches. The triple mast design provides for far more stable operation. The forklift is commonly paired with 48-inch pallet forks, perfect for loads that are on pallets. 

Daewoo G20E

The Daewoo G20E was another very popular lift from the Daewoo company. It is a four-wheel sit-down forklift with very classic features and a durable design.

It utilizes tough, pneumatic tires, which makes it suitable for both indoor operations on smooth ground, as well as outdoor operations where terrain might be a bit uneven.

The G20E has a smaller lift capacity compared to the Daewoo G25S at around 4,000 lbs. The two-stage mast is a bit less stable, though it can still get the job done for most warehousing applications.

The mast sits at 83” off the ground when it is lowered and 127”  when it is raised. Similar to the Daewoo G25S, this forklift is also great for compact situations where a small turning radius is needed.

Daewoo Forklift Parts

There are many places to find Daewoo forklift parts and manuals across the web, though one of the best places that we have found is US Lift. US Lift prides itself on providing businesses with Daewoo forklift parts for various makes and models, as well as Daewoo forklift batteries.

Beyond Daewoo forklift parts, they also provide customers with Daewoo Forklift training and 24-hour repairs.

Daewoo Manuals

Finding Daewoo Forklift manuals online can be quite difficult. Luckily, there are a few resources available for current Daewoo forklift owners out there.

We highly recommend heading on over to Warehouse IQ, as they have a wide selection of Daewoo forklift manuals that are free to download.

Where To Find Daewoo Forklifts For Sale

Because the Daewoo company is not in business anymore, you will not be able to access a specific dealer network or new forklift dealer that carries current Daewoo parts, products, or vehicles.

The company's forklifts can be found all across the country from different machine handling companies. If you are looking online, we highly recommend checking out Machinery Trader. Machinery Trader has been a go-to source for used construction equipment since the late 70s and is now premier website for those looking to buy and sell used forklifts and other material handling equipment too.

You can also consider renting Daewoo vehicles through sites like Rental Yard as well. Make sure to look at the website and put in your location to get specific rental rates.

You can search for Daewoo equipment by name and find ones that are closest to your location. You can also try looking on Ebay as well!

Final Verdict - Is Daewoo Worth It?

The Daewoo company may have been acquired by Doosan and General Motors, though they have definitely laid down a legacy for producing some of the best forklifts of their time. For those who don’t have a massive budget to lay down for a brand new forklift, considering a Daewoo forklift is smart.

The forklifts from Daewoo are known to last for many years and they continue to run tough. Many of them are built with tight turning radiuses too, making them excellent for smaller warehousing operations. On the downside, they are a bit less agile than newer forklifts you might see on the market today, meaning you might want to consider another forklift brand if you are looking to optimize efficiency or work in an environment that requires agility.

Tim Postlethwaite

Tim Postlethwaite // Staff Writer