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Trying to decide if Clark has the forklift equipment suited for your particular situation? 

The Clark company was introduced back in 1917 when the employees of the company built the very first Tructractor. It was the world’s very first combustion-powered industrial truck. 

Over a century later and Clark has one of the most versatile ranges of forklift products on the market today. From small 5,000 capacity lifts to the big boys that will haul up to 18,000 pounds, along with variations in fuel, electric power, and size, Clark gives customers a lot to choose from. 

There are a quarter of a million Clark machines operating throughout North America, which is not even counting how many are around the world.

The question is,

Does the popularity of Clark forklifts actually make the brand worthwhile?

Let’s find out.

Clark Material Handling Company Overview

Clark is a company that is founded on innovation. If you take a look at their history, you’ll see that they are on a constant, progressive streak.

The manufacturers are incredibly responsive and they are always updating their lines to include the latest and greatest features.

It is worth noting that they invented the Operator Restraint System, which has become standard on all forklift trucks.

Material Handling

The company is the very first forklift manufacturer in the world to satisfy the ISO 9001 certification. This is an internationally accepted standard of quality for management systems around the globe. The Korean facility acquired the ISO 4001 certificate back in 2001, making it an absolutely dominant manufacturer. 

Clark Forklifts Review

FIVE Product Lines

The Clark Material Handling Company has five product lines, including tons of forklift trucks, which makes it one of the widest-reaching heavy equipment brands around the world. 

IC Pneumatic and IC Cushion

The IC Pneumatic smart forklifts are industry-leading.

The come with interactive dashboards, built-in performance reporting, engine and powertrain protection, integrated systematic service tools, and onboard operator control function reporting.

This particular line is great for manufacturing and warehousing.

The IC Cushion very similar to the IC Pneumatic line in terms of design. The S Seris is the main one in the lineup that is built for simple manufacturing and distribution projects in indoor warehouses. The CGC series provides added durability, safety, and performance, the CGC40 adds in a high-quality brake system for tougher applications, and the Gen2 series are narrower in width for small warehousing applications.


The main Electric Line vehicle is a four-wheel sit-down pneumatic tire lift truck that is made for both indoor and outdoor applications, including shipping and receiving.

The Electric Line comes with fewer parts compared to the above lines, including an enclosed and brushless drive motor, thermal and stall protection, and dual-power reversing. It is suitable for wet applications as well. 

The Electric line also includes the four-wheel sit-down cushion tire lift truck that is a great choice for more demanding manufacturing and distributing applications, as it provides a bit more comfort and stability for operators. 

For something a bit smaller with little maintenance, the TMX three-wheel sit-down multi-tire truck is an excellent choice. It is simple and comfortable yet rugged in design and provides serious maneuverability. 

Narrow Aisle

The Narrow Aisle Line is an order selector unit. It mixes best-in-class comfort with a ton of high-tech features, perfect for those who need a machine for smaller warehouse spaces. The infinitely variable lift tower allows the operator to position the operating platform easily for maximum control and productivity. 

The Narrow Aisle lineup also includes the Turret Truck, which provides better lateral movement in the aisles, as well as the NPX family of trucks that provide better maneuverability and energy efficiency for maximum productivity. 

These three vehicles are excellent for indoor applications where larger, standard forklifts may provide operators with maneuvering difficulties. 

Walkie Pallet Stacker

The Walkie Pallet Stacker line is a narrow aisle walkie that is power-driven and counterbalanced for handling many different types of loads. The hydraulic lift cylinder is made with hard chrome and pressure compensated lowering valves help to regulate speeds for optimum use and safety. 

The Walkie Pallet Stacker uses an AC travel controller and an AC drive motor with high torque throughout the full range of drive. To help cut down on maintenance needs, the Walkie Pallet Stacker uses a brushless design with regenerative braking. No matter how light or heavy the load on the truck is, the travel speed will remain constant to the throttle position.

To top it all off, Clark has included a one-piece micro switch design with their automatic resetting circuit breaker.

In terms of the controls, the operator uses an ergonomic handle that can be used with either hand. Some of the standard features include thumb control, a reversing switch, a wrap-around guard, and a horn. For serious comfort and minimum steering effort, Clark has included a low mounted tiller arm.

Working Platform Vehicle

The Working Platform Vehicle is an order selector quick pick that works for manufacturing, warehousing, and narrow aisle applications.

It comes with ergonomic fingertip control for easy lift and travel functions. Many operators praise it for its intuitive drive characteristics. There is a large storage compartment on board for tool and accessory organization as well. 

The AC drive motor is similar to the Walkie Pallet Stacker, as it provides high torque throughout the full range of drive. Thanks to the AC technology’s brushless design, you won’t have to worry as much about maintenance either.

The Mast on this vehicle is designed like a heavy-duty I-beam, providing tons of stability no matter how high it is raised. You also get an increase in the overall lift capacity thanks to the steel mast channels and the side-mounted lift cylinders. 

Massive Dealer Network

One of the top reasons to buy a Clark forklift is that the company has a HUGE dealer network. There are over 230 locations on the North American continent and well over 550 locations around the world. That includes more than 80 countries! 

Investing in a brand with a wide reach means that you won’t have to worry about support, maintenance, or parts down the line. You likely have a dealer near you that can walk you through the process of purchasing your forklift and provide you with service post-purchase.

The Clark Materials Handling company makes use of state-of-the-art parts distribution warehouses as well, which are centrally located to both customers and dealers. Plus, Clark Totalift covers well over 120,000 items that were built specifically for over 20 brands. If you're looking for Clark forklifts parts, you won't have a hard time finding them!

Make sure to check Clark’s dealer network to see if you have one in your area.

Clark Forklifts Financing

There are a variety of different financing options that you’ll find through Clark dealerships. No matter your needs, the company likely has you covered. They offer everything from long-term annual contracts to short term monthly rentals. The long-term contracts can be made up to 72 months. The company provides extremely flexible financing options for the requirements of their customers. 

There are many different units to choose from when financing, including CNG, LPG, diesel, electric, and gas.

Short term rentals are an excellent choice for those who are looking for temporary equipment for peak periods, seasonal needs, or special projects. On the other hand, long term rentals are great for those who are planning on using their vehicle(s) for multiple jobs or over long periods. While Clark gives customers the ability to finance internally with surprisingly low finance rates, you also have the option to finance through Clark dealerships.

You can check out the Clark equipment financing page to learn more about getting your hands on one of these incredible lift trucks.

Final Verdict - Should I Purchase a Forklift Truck From Clark Material Handling Company?

The Clark Materials Handling Company thrives on both quality and efficiency when it comes to the equipment they manufacture and sell. The Clark equipment engineering program is top-of-the-line and you can see it in the forklift trucks that they manufacture. The company works very closely with suppliers and product engineers to keep costs low too so that the vehicles are available to all buyers. 

With a high-quality line of vehicles and lift trucks, tons of excellent options for purchasing and financing, a massive dealer network with widespread parts distribution, and compliance with international quality standards, it is clear to see that Clark Forklift is one of the best forklift companies on the market today. Make sure to look into the company’s five lineups when purchasing your next piece of equipment!

Tim Postlethwaite

Tim Postlethwaite // Staff Writer