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Wondering if Case Construction has the right forklift equipment for your needs? 

Case Construction has been around for over 175 years now. Their equipment has helped build the world that you see around you. The company was originally founded by J.I. Case, who was both a hard-worker and an innovator, sharing his values of old-fashioned, hard work, with everyone around him.

To this day, Case continues to produce some of the best pieces of large machinery on the market. For those looking for forklifts, you’ve come to the right place. Today we want to dig in and find out a bit more about the Case Construction company and the two main rough terrain forklifts that they offer.

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Case Rough Terrain Forklift Review

The H Series Rough Terrain Forklifts from Case are great for almost any kind of job. If you need a rough terrain solution that can make your particular job smoother and more efficient, Case is an excellent option.

The H Series forklifts provide workers with incredibly fast lifting speeds, 8,000 pounds of lifting capacity, drive speeds of up to 24 mph, and a variety of other top-of-the-line features to make forklift operators comfortable while keeping loads level.

Rough Terrain Forklift

The company has truly set the bar for other rough terrain forklift manufacturers. 

Case Forklift Features

Mast Movement

The Case Construction H Series models provide the most mast tilt out of all forklifts in the industry between a 45-degree forward tilt and a 15-degree rear tilt. No matter what type of terrain or slope your operators are working on, the H Series will be able to handle the job. Forklift operators will be able to place their loads precisely thanks to the standard side shift of three inches in either direction.

Even with supreme mast movement, H Series forklifts still meet height restrictions. You’ll be able to transport your H Series model without a hassle. Case Construction also offers free lift masts for those who have low clearance issues. These allow you to raise your forks five feet off the ground before the mast protrudes, which helps to lower the overall travel height. Case Forklifts provide an easy experience for any job at any location.

Load Control

The Load Control system on Case forklifts was designed by Case and is an industry first. When traveling over uneven terrain, Load Control provides cushioning for the mast that reduces load shock. This makes for an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride beyond stabilizing the load. Riders won’t have to deal with jarring bumps that come as a side effect of heavy loads. 

Maintenance-Free Design

Thanks to the fact that the H Series Rough Terrain forklifts use Diesel Oxidation Catalyst to comply with Tier 4 Final Solutions emission standards, you don’t have to stress about maintenance. You won’t have to add any additional fluid to get up and running, nor will you have to replace any diesel particulate filter. 

Zero Tail Swing

The Zero Tail Swing design is a Case Construction exclusive. Operators are able to turn and rest with ease knowing that the rear counterweight will turn once the tires have cleared an object. This is all thanks to the 55-degree steering angle present on H Series models.

Excellent Visibility

The H Series models do not come with disruptive third masts in the back. Thanks to the wide channel in the back, you’ll get top-notch visibility. The operating consoles on the H Series are narrow to help further increase visibility. Workers are able to watch forks enter pallets with a clear view so that they can feel confident as they are securing materials. 

Workers won’t need to worry about straining their necks at top lift heights, as H Series models utilize a perforated steel canopy that provides clear visibility. This makes for a far better experience for all operators.

H Series Models - 586H and 588H

Both of these Rough Terrain off road Forklifts from Case Construction are excellent for jobs that require high lift capacities. This model uses four-wheel drive and a standard differential lock. With maximum travel capabilities, including optional load control and 60-degree mast tilt, operators won’t need to worry about their loads.

If your job requires operating in tighter areas, the 588H is a wonderful choice. It utilizes a zero-tail swing design that allows the machine to clear spaces if the rear tires can. Both of these models utilize ITA class 3 carriages. 

H Series Models

Both of these models utilize 74 horsepower, 3.4 liter FPT engines, as well as Diesel Oxidation Catalyst to provide supreme fuel-efficiency compared to earlier Case models. Even so, the H Series meets the current environmental standards in the industry. 

Like we said before, each of these Case Construction models come without disruptive third masts. Instead, they utilize a wide-channel, dual-mast design that provides operators with unmatched visibility. Operators can secure materials with confidence and see everything that is going on behind their machines. 

The operating platform is large enough to provide plenty of room for load control and optional deluxe suspension, providing a more than comfortable ride no matter what terrain you are using. 

The spin-on filters and tool-free swing-out access doors, as well as the grouped service points and ground-level site gauges, make maintenance easier than ever. You can perform your daily maintenance in minutes. We all know how important maintenance is to the integrity and longevity of any machine. The fact that you can perform this maintenance with ease is a MASSIVE benefit. Thanks to the complete disassembly, you can service your axles with ease too.

586H Vs. 588H

The 586H model has a 6,000 lb capacity while the 588H model has an 8,000 lb capacity. The 588H model is much better for jobs that require heavy lifting or lifting in tight spaces thanks to the zero-tail swing design.

Case Construction gives customers the ability to configure each one of these machines too. You have the ability to choose between two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models, as well as a range of other features. Check out their Configurator page to learn more.


Both of the Case Construction H Series models come with the same warranty, which includes both Base and Extended coverage.

The Base Limited Warranty is a 1-Year/Unlimited-Hour Full-Coverage warranty while the Extended Warranty is a 2-Year/2,000-Hour Extended Engine warranty. 

The Engine Warranty covers all of the internal machine parts, including the cylinder block and head, lubricated parts between the oil pan and valve cover, the front cover, the engine oil cooler, the turbocharger, the flywheel housing, the front cover, and the water pump.

The Drive Train Warranty covers the drive axle assembly, the drive plates, driveshaft, drive couplings, and a variety of other machine parts. You can read more about the Case warranty here.

Case Construction Pricing

Case Construction does not have any specific pricing information for their models available on their website, which is likely because they work with a variety of dealers. However, if you visit their website, you can request a quote. You also check out their dealer locator to contact your local dealer and ask about pricing or financing, which we will discuss below.

We highly recommend checking out the Case Construction Cost Calculator as well, as it will provide you with more information on how much you can expect to pay over the years of owning Case forklifts. 

Case Forklifts Financing

Case Construction is currently offering 0% financing, $0 down, and 0 payment days. You can visit the company website to learn more about their offer. If you're looking for rough terrain forklifts for sale, you can also use the company’s dealer locator to find dealers around your local area to get in contact with them about unique financing plans for Case forklifts. 

Final Verdict - Is Case Construction A Good Brand?

The introduction of the H Series rough terrain forklifts was a game-changer for Case Construction and the all-terrain category.  These models are top-of-the-line. With new power-assist capabilities, hydraulically wet disc brakes, increased fuel-efficiency, turbocharged engines, and a slew of other beneficial features, both of these forklifts can provide workers with a smooth and reliable experience every time.

If you’re ready to purchase a new rough terrain forklift for your construction job, Case is the company look at!

Tim Postlethwaite

Tim Postlethwaite // Staff Writer